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Tips: What should not do when wearing colored contact lenses?

Jul 11,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

Dear customers, have you followed the instructions for colored contact lenses? Do you know that incorrect use of colored contact lenses can cause eye health problems? Many studies show that some wearers suffer from eye problems due to their risky behaviors in wearing colored contact lenses. Unicoeye, in addition to providing safe and FDA registered colored contact lenses, also pays attention to the vision health of each customer. Therefore, we compiled some risky behaviors among lens wearers and some tips to help our customers wear lenses in safe ways. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned wearer, we invite you to take some time to read the guide.


Overnight Wear

After a long and exhausting day, you might fall asleep on the couch with lenses in your eyes. But remember, your eyes still need to breathe. During the daytime, they draw in oxygen from the air. At night, there is less oxygen coming in if your eyes are shut. So sleeping with colored contacts will block your eyes from getting the oxygen they need. If the eyes become starved of oxygen, it is easy to cause corneal damage and accelerate the death of corneal endothelial cells. According to experts, those who wear colored contact lenses overnight are more than 20 times more likely to get Keratitis, an infection of the cornea that causes pain and inflammation and can even lead to blindness in severe cases. Therefore, you should take your lenses out before going to bed or napping on the couch to avoid the risk of eye hypoxia.


Swimming with contacts on

Many people assume that swimming with colored contact lenses is not a big deal. But that’s not true! All types of water can irritate your eyes, whether it’s from a swimming pool, seawater, or fresh water. Even those who don’t wear colored contacts may find their eyes dry and red after swimming. Moreover, all water is home to nasty bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It’s easy for bacteria and other nasty things to settle and flourish in your eyes when swimming with your contacts. For eye health, colored contact lenses should never be worn while swimming, showering, or in a hot tub.


Expiration of colored contact lenses

This is always overlooked when people use colored contact lenses. In fact, each pair of colored contact lenses has its replacement period, such as daily, monthly, and yearly. Daily contacts are disposable and only be worn for a single day. Monthly contacts can be reused within a month and need to be cleaned with care solution after wearing them every time. Yearly contacts are the most durable option and usually last about 8 to 10 months. However, If the lenses pass their expiration date, they will get aged, and the transparency, as well as oxygen permeability, will greatly decrease. At the same time, the protein and other deposits on the lenses will accumulate over time, which will reduce the transparency and damage your cornea easily. Therefore, replacing colored contact lenses according to their validity period is imperative to avoid risking your eye health.



In addition to the risky behaviors above, there are some cautions when wearing colored contact lenses.

  • Before wearing the lenses, please confirm they are clean and intact without debris or dust to get a comfortable wearing experience.


  • Do not wear them longer than 8-hour duration every day to avoid long-term wearing of contact lenses causing hypoxia in the eyeball, damaging the health of the eyeball, and making the eyes fragile.


  • Put in your soft contact lenses before you apply makeup, and take them out before you take off your makeup.


  • Only use fresh lens care solution to clean your lenses and lens case, and replace your contact lens case at least every three months.


  • Colored contact lenses should not be mixed and shared with someone else regardless of whether they have the same power. This is because each eye's situation of everyone is different. As the lenses are worn on the eyeball for a long time, a lot of proteins, lipids, and bacteria will be deposited on the surface. Even after cleaning with the care solution, these impurities cannot be removed entirely. When the lenses are mixed or shared with others, it is easy to cause cross-infection and bring harm to your eyes.  


In fact, most eye problems are avoidable. That's why it's essential to use and care for your colored contact lenses correctly. Keeping the above advice in mind will enable you to use your colored contacts safely and prevent you from experiencing most problems with your eyes and vision. We all have only one pair of eyes, so be proactive in keeping them healthy.


About Unicoeye

      Unicoeye is a professional colored contact lenses brand with a keen sense of fashion. Unicoeye constantly updated its products in recent years and strived to provide customers with safe and comfortable colored contact lenses. Unicoeye insists on using “Sandwich Printing” technology, strictly controls product quality, and protects customers’ vision health. At the same time, Unicoeye products have FDA Registration Information to provide consumers with a reassuring purchasing experience.