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How to choose the suitable colored contact lenses?

Jun 28,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

How to choose the suitable colored contact lenses?

As a funny and easy way to correct myopia and transform the appearance, it can be said that colored contact lenses have become an indispensable decoration for beauty lovers. However, when it comes to choosing colored contact lenses, people usually feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options, and even many people buy the lenses that are not suitable for them or do not achieve the effect they want. Based on customers’ problems, we sorted out the most common misunderstandings and tips to help you choose colored contact lenses. We, Unicoeye, hope each of our customers can easily select the right products and enjoy the joy of wearing colored contact lenses.


The larger the diameter of the colored contact lenses, the better the effect of enlarging the eyes?

The larger the diameter of the colored contact lens, the larger the lens size. Generally, the diameter of color contact lenses lies in the range of 13.0 mm to 15.0 mm. It is no doubt that large-diameter lenses will cover more of your iris and whites of eyes to enlarge your eyes significantly, but they are not suitable for everyone.


The suitable colored contact lenses will depend on the size of your iris. Open your eyes a little harder, if the iris is small and fully exposed, and the white area of the eye is large, your eyes are very suitable for choosing large-diameter lenses (14.2-14.5 mm); if the whites of your eyes are slightly less and your iris cannot even be fully exposed, then you can choose small-diameter lenses (no more than 14.2 mm); if you have never worn color contact lenses, trying contacts with a small diameter of 14.0 mm is a good start.

If the size of the iris and colored contact lenses does not match, it will result in eye discomfort and an awkward appearance. The too large diameter of colored contact lenses will cover much of the whites of the eyes and leave an unnatural and weird impression. Too small ones will make you feel tight in your eyes and even cause eye itchiness and irritation. Worse, they may lead to corneal abrasions and ultimately damage your vision. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the diameter of colored contact lenses when you purchase them to achieve the effect of enlarging your eyes without looking weird. (More information: The Effects Of Different Diameters Of Unicoeye Colored Contact Lenses)


The higher the water content of colored contact lenses, the more comfortable the lenses are?


Water content refers to how much of the contact lens’ weight is made up of water at maximum absorbance. You probably won't pay much attention to it, but water content actually plays a significant role in how colored contact lenses fit in your eyes. Ranging from 38% to 75%, the water content is proportional to the lenses’ oxygen permeability and softness. Generally speaking, the higher the water content, the higher the oxygen permeability and the softer the lenses.  

However, many people mistakenly believe that the higher the water content, the better, but this is not the case. The higher the water content, the more moisture the lenses need. When the lenses are worn for a long time, the water in the lenses will be lost due to evaporation. Then the lenses will absorb the water in your eyes to keep the original water content, which may lead to the condition known as contact lens-induced dry eye (CLIDE). Therefore, dry eye sufferers should look for contacts with 40% or less water content to prevent the effect.


If you are the one who suffers from dry eyes, faces a computer for a long time, lives in a low humidity area, or stays in an air-conditioned room for a long time, the lower water content lenses will be the excellent choice. Most of our lenses here in Unicoeye are available at 38%~ 42% water content because they stand the best chance of feeling comfortable in your eyes without drying them out.  

The colored contact lenses that look natural and beautiful on the lens models but do not live up to your expectation after you wear them?


In fact, you may not have chosen colored contact lenses based on your eye color. Colored contact lenses can be used as an enhancement to your original eye color or to change the color of your eyes completely. When choosing colored contact lenses, we need to pay attention to the fact that the same product will show different color rendering when worn by people with different eye colors. In order to choose the best contact lenses for your original eye color, it’s essential to know the different types of colored contacts.


Color-enhancement lenses: These contacts have color but are still see-through. The purpose of these lenses is to enhance your natural eye color. For instance, these lenses can lighten or darken your natural eye color if you have blue eyes.

Opaque lenses: No matter what your natural eye color is, the opaque lenses will cover it entirely and change it to a new color.

Cosmetic lenses: These lenses add special effects to your eyes. They’re usually worn during special occasions like Halloween. For example, you can get cat eyes, wild eyes, or even all-white eyes.


Light Eyes

Light eyes are perfect for colored contacts. The shade of your own eyes won't have a huge impact on the overall look. If you're looking for a milder boost to your natural eye color, then enhancement contact lenses could be the right option. These lenses accentuate the qualities of your eyes. The natural patterns of your iris are highlighted without changing the color. You can also choose dark-colored contact lenses to cover the color of your own eyes or light-colored contact lenses that are more similar to your eye color.


Dark Eyes:

If you have dark eyes, finding the right colored contact lenses is more of a challenge. The darkness of your eyes means the effective range of colors is more limited. Colors that work really well with darker eyes include shades of green, violet, and brown, as well as the more subtle grey colors. Since enhancement lenses are less effective for people with dark eyes, you can choose opaque contact lenses to change your eye color or choose a style with a light inner ring and a dark outer ring, which can achieve a natural and agile effect.  

About Unicoeye

      Unicoeye is a professional colored contact lenses brand with a keen sense of fashion. Unicoeye constantly updated its products in recent years and strived to provide customers with safe and comfortable colored contact lenses. Unicoeye insists on using “Sandwich Printing” technology, strictly controls product quality, and protects customers’ vision health. At the same time, Unicoeye products have FDA Registration Information to provide consumers with a reassuring purchasing experience.

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