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Do Colored Contacts Impair Your Vision?

Jul 29,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are becoming more and more popular. Whether for Halloween or everyday use, colored contact lenses can really add to your outfit.

But some people who wear colored contacts think that wearing them for too long will hurt the eyes and even impair their vision. Is this really the case? Keep reading to find out. 


In fact, after we become adults, except for in a few special cases such as pathological myopia, our level of myopia is largely steady and will not change. Whether we’re wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses, under normal circumstances, the quality of our vision will not change.


But why does your vision sometimes fluctuate after wearing colored contact lenses? The following issues might be to blame.


  • Inappropriate Selection of Colored Contacts


Each colored contact lens has its own type and style. Choosing too-tight or too-loose colored contact lenses can cause blurred vision. Eyes with contact lenses that are too tight are prone to redness and hypoxia, and removing the lenses is difficult. Color contact lenses that are too loose will slide up and down slightly when blinking, preventing us from always looking at objects from the center of the lens, resulting in vision fluctuations.



If the lenses you’re using are not suitable, be sure to find a different set of lenses that fits you. How do you know if lenses are right for you, you may ask? Focus on the base curve and diameter in the lenses’ specifications. If your lenses are too loose, it means you need to choose lenses with a larger diameter or a smaller base curve. If you feel that the lenses are too tight, you can choose a lens with a smaller diameter or a larger base curve, which will be more comfortable to wear. Most people find themselves comfortable wearing lenses with a BC of 8.5 mm, 8.6 mm and 8.8 mm.


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  • Dry Eyes


If your eyes are too dry when wearing colored contact lenses, it can also affect how clearly you see. The glands in your eyelids secrete oil to moisturize the eyes. If the quality of this layer of oil is not good enough, there will be a problem with your vision. This situation might be especially obvious when you get up in the morning and there is a layer of grease in front of your eyes.



You can prepare some artificial tears (such as sodium hyaluronate or polyvinyl alcohol) or contact lens eye drops, which can effectively relieve dry eyes and prevent blurred vision when wearing them. You can also compress your eyes with a hot towel at home for a few minutes and massage your eyelids at the same time to relieve the above symptoms.


  • Poor Environment and Wrong Way of Wearing


If you wear contact lenses in a dirty environment, dust and PM2.5 particles in the air will dissolve in your tears or even partially adsorb on your contact lenses, resulting in blurred vision. At the same time, these foreign bodies can also contaminate the lens and cause infection. In addition, too-long wearing time (such as more than 8 hours or overnight) can also cause eye infections.




When wearing contact lenses, you should control the wearing time, use contact lenses reasonably and healthily, and ensure that the wearing time does not exceed 8 hours. Do not wear contact lenses in dusty or dirty environments. If you need to wear contact lenses in these environments, you should also wear a pair of protective goggles.


In conclusion, wearing colored contact lenses will not damage your eyesight, but it is recommended that you wear contact lenses in the proper way, alternating with glasses. When wearing your contact lenses feels uncomfortable, take them off quickly to avoid fit-related eye damage. That being said, finding the best contact lenses for your health is not difficult. Click here to find some well-fitting colored contact lenses that won't damage your vision.