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10 Most Realistic Pairs of Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Jun 03,2024 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

10 natural contact lenses

When you have naturally dark eyes, finding a good pair of colored contacts can be a challenge. Many pairs don’t offer full coverage or are simply too transparent to transform your eye color the way they should, and you end up with an unnatural-looking result. For everyday wear, a more realistic look is usually the goal (unless you have a particularly out-of-this-world personal style!), so having darker eyes can be a source of frustration. If this sounds like a struggle you face, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite colored contacts that will completely and realistically transform anyone’s natural eye color, light or dark.


Understanding What Works

Colored contacts work by overlaying pigment on the corneas to achieve their visual effect. Many varieties that aim for realism have color deposited in a pointillism-esque style on the iris, which allows the lens color to blend with the natural color underneath. On the other hand, vibrant cosplay contacts often have solid colors and hard edges that don’t look real by any stretch of the imagination. The trick for people with dark eyes is to find lenses that fall somewhere in between these categories—that is, lenses with densely packed color that’s still soft and diffuse enough to look convincing. This will get you the most ideal result, with your natural iris being camouflaged rather than just having a barely-there filter over it.


Our Top 10 Picks

Premium Brown

[US Warehouse] Premium 2 Brown Prescription Contact Lenses[US Warehouse] Premium 2 Brown Prescription Contact Lenses

This set comes in a gorgeous shade of caramel brown that brings an undeniable warmth to the eyes. The dark limbal ring serves to add dimension and further cement the believability of these lenses.


Kilig Brown

Kilig Brown Prescription 6 Months Contact LensesKilig Brown Prescription 6 Months Contact Lenses

If you’re looking for a deep, mesmerizing brown color, this set has you covered with its rich array of shades and carefully crafted gradients that flow naturally into the pupil.


DNA Taylor Gray

DNA Taylor Gray Prescription 6 Months Contact LensesDNA Taylor Gray Prescription 6 Months Contact Lenses

This set of gray lenses skews almost green with the way it combines blue and yellow hues to create texture and depth. The light inner color is contained within a soft dark blue outer ring for an overall stunning result.


Himalayan Gray

Himalayan Gray Prescription 6 Months Contact LensesHimalayan Gray Prescription 6 Months Contact Lenses

Much like the previous pair, this one contrasts a cooler, darker limbal ring with a warmer, paler color toward the center. The main difference is that this set features its rich golden-brown tones much more prominently, creating an almost angelic feel.


Pixie Blue

Pixie Blue Prescription 6 Months Contact LensesPixie Blue Prescription 6 Months Contact Lenses

Blue is one of the hardest colors to wear if you have dark eyes, but these beautiful oceany lenses make what was once a dream a reality. A stunning teal center fades into a slightly purple-toned limbal ring for an ethereal yet believable look.


Molly Platino

Molly Platino 6 Months Contact LensesMolly Platino 6 Months Contact Lenses

The incredible silvery-blue hue of this set brings a certain irresistible power to your gaze that brings new meaning to the word steely-eyed. With the added depth of the dark limbal ring and subtle gold inner ring, you’re sure to have people transfixed.


Little Earth

Little Earth Prescription 6 Months Contact LensesLittle Earth Prescription 6 Months Contact Lenses

Dark blue eyes are criminally underrepresented compared to the striking baby blue that some people have. This set features a blend of blues and greens that completely transforms when put over a dark backdrop for a complex, fascinating result.


Infinity Green

Infinity Green Prescription 6 Months Contact LensesInfinity Green Prescription 6 Months Contact Lenses

This hint of hazel sure hits the spot! On dark eyes, the interplay of green and brown within these lenses really lifts up your look an