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What is a Limbal Ring in Contact Lenses?

Jun 03,2024 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

limbal rings on contact lenses

The power of a single look should never be underestimated—that’s why colored contacts have become such a red-hot fashion statement in recent years.

If you’ve ever shopped for some fun lenses, you’ve probably come across the term “limbal ring” and wondered what it meant.

Here, we’re going to take a look at this highly popular feature and how it influences the effects of colored contacts.


What is a Limbal Ring?

In the human eye, the limbal ring is the thin ring of darker pigment that forms the outermost border of the iris. Not all colored contacts have a limbal ring, but in those that do, it plays a large part in the depth, definition, and enlargement effect of the lenses.


Benefits of Wearing Contacts with a Limbal Ring

Enhanced Eye Beauty

Limbal ring contacts can make your eyes appear larger and more defined, adding a striking quality to your overall look. This enhancement can be the perfect finishing touch to your makeup routine, making your appearance more captivating. The added dimension of a limbal ring makes these contacts more visually appealing compared to those without one.

Natural Look

A limbal ring is also a natural feature of the eye, so it makes for more realistic-looking lenses depending on the intensity and sharpness of the ring.

Variety of Options

Furthermore, there’s a much wider range of options for colored contacts with a limbal ring because it’s such a popular feature. Even the ring itself has many different variations.


  • Minimal limbal ring

Minimal limbal ring contact lenses before and afterMinimal limbal ring contact lenses

Contacts with a minimal limbal ring may seem to not have much of a border at all. This gives these lenses an ethereal or inhuman look, which might be a benefit or a dealbreaker depending on the look you’re going for.


  • Slight limbal ring

Slight limbal ring contact lenses before and afterSlight limbal ring contact lenses

A slight limbal ring fades gently into the main colors of the lens and usually has a soft edge that mimics a real iris, which creates a realistic effect that’s ideal for daily wear.


  • Strong limbal ring

Strong limbal ring contact lenses before and afterStong limbal ring contact lenses before and after

At its most extreme, a strong limbal ring can become quite cartoony due to its crisp, solid appearance compared to the rest of the iris. This makes this variation a great choice for cosplays and any other look you’d want to have a striking gaze for.


Choosing the Right Lenses for You

When picking out colored contact lenses, we recommend the following:

  • Consider your natural eye color. Opt for lenses that complement and enhance your natural shade without looking too artificial. For instance, a minimal limbal ring works best for light eyes, while a strong ring can add depth to darker eyes.
  • Think of what effect you want to achieve. If you’re new to contact lenses or prefer a natural look, start with a minimal or slight limbal ring. For special occasions or a more noticeable transformation, a strong limbal ring can provide the desired impact.
  • Consult your eye doctor. Colored contacts with prescription magnification are considered medical devices, so it’s important to get your eyes tested and ask your optometrist about any potential risks.



There’s no denying that the limbal ring has a huge impact on how a pair of colored contacts look, and now that you’ve learned more about it, it’s time to get shopping! Visit Unicoeye to learn more about colored contacts and browse a huge selection of lenses to find your favorites.