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Blind Contact Lenses or Cosplay Contact Lenses?

Oct 17,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

As Halloween night or a costume party approaches, many people will wear colored contacts to upgrade their favorite makeup look or add some fun to their cosplay outfits. And the most popular colored contact lenses are always blind lenses and cosplay lenses. They can not only change the wearer’s eye color but also provide an amazing effect on their makeup look. But what are the differences between the two types of colored contact lenses? Let’s learn more from the following guide.


What are cosplay lenses and what are blind lenses?

Cosplay contacts are made with fun colors and patterns that mask the wearer’s natural eye color when cosplaying a fictional creature or character. Blind lenses can be used for this purpose, too, but rather than having an interesting pattern, these contacts will usually be a solid color that limits or completely obscures the wearer’s vision. They might be smooth-looking or have a partial or full mesh pattern so that the wearer can see better. Both can be useful as costume accessories, but cosplayers should take note of the differences between these two types of colored contact lenses.


What are the key differences between these two types of contacts?

Normal cosplay contacts have a transparent hole in the center, at the pupil, for visibility. Some have smaller pupils than others, but the vast majority of cosplay lenses are made with the intention of the wearer being able to see. Because of this, these contacts can be worn for cosplay but can also serve as fashion contacts worn with everyday outfits. Unless they are improperly fitted, cosplay lenses do not interfere with vision, and they can generally be worn for extended periods of time without issue. Cosplay contact lenses can also be made in accordance with the wearer’s specific corrective vision prescription, making them actually beneficial to your eyesight.

By comparison, blind contacts are opaque or at most semitransparent in the area that covers the pupil, so they limit the wearer’s vision or obscure it entirely, which makes it dangerous to move around while wearing them. As you might have guessed, blind contacts are not available with vision correction, as the wearer can’t see through them well enough to serve any purpose, but they can be an excellent accessory to bring a spooky character to life or create an interesting effect. People wearing blind contacts should be extremely careful when walking around. This is especially true in cosplay parties and gatherings because some hard props or site facilities are easy to make you bump into or trip over even with an unobstructed field of vision. For photoshoot sessions, consider having someone act as your guide when you move around the shooting location for different backdrops.


Which type of colored contact lenses is right for you?

This always depends on your makeup needs. Blind contacts and cosplay contacts have different advantages for your cosplay and makeup looks. For example, if you want to dress up as a vampire, werewolf, witch, or other magical creature, the cosplay contacts can be the perfect finishing touch for these characters. And blind contacts are suitable for characters with clouded eyes or without pupils, such as ghosts, skeletons, devils, and more. Unicoeye has many options available for blind-style contacts that range from solid white and semitransparent to beautiful purple sparkles with a mesh pupil, and as always, you can count on cosplay contacts for a wide variety of styles of makeup looks, too. A good pair of blood-red lenses can perfectly accent a number of different spooky or lovely makeup looks, and bright white lenses with an enlarged pupil open up a world of possibilities for a creative wearer.