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The Effects of Different Diameters of Unicoeye Colored Contact Lenses

Apr 27,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

Everyone likes different styles of color contact lenses. Some people like large diameters, while others like small diameters. However, the diameter is related to the size of your iris. If the size does not match, it will not be suitable to wear even if you like it, resulting in discomfort and an awkward appearance.

So how to know whether your iris size is large or small? Here's a tip.

Open your eyes a little harder, if the iris is small and the white area of the eye is large, your eyes are very suitable for choosing large-diameter lenses (14.0-14.5 mm).

If the whites of your eyes are slightly less and your iris cannot even be fully exposed, then your eyes are not suitable for large-diameter lenses, you can choose small-diameter lenses (no more than 14.2 mm).

If you have never worn color contact lenses, you can start wearing them with a small diameter of 14.0 mm. If both the upper and lower edges of the contact lenses have whites exposed, you need to try a larger diameter of 14.2 mm to 14.5 mm.

The more white space in the eyes, the better for larger diameters.

Although large-diameter lenses can significantly enlarge the eyes, they are not suitable for everyone. Because some people have relatively small eyes and normal pupil proportions, if you choose large-diameter lenses, the white part of the eyes will be reduced, making the eyes look strange.

At the same time, if your eyes are large, but the diameter of the lenses selected is too small, the viewing area will be limited, the field of view will not be wide enough, and the lenses will slide easily.

Large-diameter lenses are suitable for wearers with large eyes, and small-diameter lenses are ideal for wearers with small eyes. If the size and diameter do not match the size of the eyes, it is easy to cause lens slippage, bubbles, block vision, and even damage the cornea.

So how to choose the right contact lens's diameter (DIA) that suits you most? Keep reading. This article will give you the best advice for selecting the different diameters of colored contact lenses and tell you what's the difference between them.

14.0 mm Diameter

You can have a very natural look while remaining attractive. If you prefer a more natural look, try contact lenses with a diameter of 14.0 mm. 14.0 mm DIA lenses do not have an exaggerated magnification effect after wearing them, which is ideal for daily wear. If you are looking for a contact lens that only changes your eye color without having an exaggerated enlarging effect, this is your perfect choice. 

14.0 mm Elite Snow Flake can completely change your eye color while making you look gorgeous, ideal for smoky eyes makeup. (

14.0 mm New York Blue has a gradient blue from deep to light that converges from the outer ring to the center, making your eyes sparkle and charming like jewels in the ocean. 


14.2 mm & 14.3 mm Diameter

14.2 mm and 14.3 mm color contacts have a better enlarging effect than 14.0 mm. People with medium to small eyes can choose this size to make their eyes slightly bigger without looking awkward.

14.2 mm Crystal is an excellent choice for enlarging and changing your eye color.


14.3 mm Cherry Ocean is our favorite! The combination of light blue and light green is like fresh avocado under the blue sky, making you sexy and charming while maintaining a natural style.


14.5 mm Diameter

14.5 mm diameter contacts are one of the most popular sizes, creating a great enlarging effect. Make your eyes look bigger and brighter with different patterns and colors.

Try 14.5 mm Diamonds Glitter Grey to help you enhance your big eyes. The dark outer ring highlights and accentuates your eyes.


14.5 mm 3-tone gemstone green will brighten your eyes, and your eyes will be shining as beautiful amber.



In a word, you should choose contact lenses' diameter according to your eyes and the occasion you want to use to achieve the effect of enlarging your eyes without looking weird. Go to and find more color contact lenses that suit you most!