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Let More People Enjoy Safe Colored Contact Lens Fashion

Apr 27,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

Unicoeye: Let More People Enjoy Safe Colored Contact Lens Fashion

      Under the background of COVID-19, colored contact lenses have gone through another period of rapid development and become an indispensable part of young people’s make-up fashion. Unicoeye, as a professional colored contact lenses brand, reminds consumers not to ignore possible eye health problems in addition to focusing on the styles of colored contact lenses.


Importance of FDA Registration Information

      Due to the fragility of the eye, poor cleaning habits or substandard contact lenses can easily damage the cornea, causing infection and accompanying risk of vision loss. The uneven colored contact lenses market makes it a constant concern for consumers to choose compliant and reliable products.

      The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a regulatory department to protect public health. It has been cracking down on inferior contact lenses since the last century. As the Class III medical devices, contact lenses require premarket submissions. They can only be marketed after registering with the FDA.

      According to FDA regulation, compliance registration from production to sales can facilitate the supervision of products and allow consumers to report product problems and complaints. With FDA-approved contact lenses, consumers can ensure the followings:

  • Products have been tested for efficiency and safety.
  • Products are safe, sanitary, and properly labeled.
  • Manufacturing practices and quality control standards have been met.
  • The manufacturer will work with your doctor to stand behind the performance and safety of the contact lenses.

      Conversely, some brands that have not been registered with the FDA will not be able to protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests effectively. Therefore, when purchasing colored contact lenses, consumers must choose carefully to avoid encountering unscrupulous merchants.


How to check registration information on FDA official website?

      The first thing to note is that there is no certificate for FDA registration. The FDA registration certificate placed on some brands’ websites is insufficient to prove that their products comply with FDA regulations. Consumers can check the authenticity of the brand’s FDA registration information by performing the following steps on the FDA official website:

  1. Open the Establishment Registration and Device Listing query page (
  2. Enter the brand’s name in the “Proprietary Name” search box, such as Unicoeye.
  3. Check the registration information. For example, the detailed information that pops up after searching for Unicoeye shows that their products are reliable.


      Unicoeye hopes that consumers can be more sensitive to the FDA registration information of colored contact lenses and master the skills of checking FDA registration information, ensuring that consumer rights can be efficiently protected by the FDA.


About Unicoeye

      Unicoeye is a professional colored contact lenses brand with a keen sense of fashion. Unicoeye constantly updated its products in recent years and strived to provide customers with safe and comfortable colored contact lenses. Unicoeye insists on using “Sandwich Printing” technology, strictly controls product quality, and protects customers’ vision health. At the same time, Unicoeye products have FDA Registration Information to provide consumers with a reassuring purchasing experience.

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